Project Ara: the Customizable Android Phone from Google

What is project Ara?

Google is reshaping the mobile hardware and Project Ara is an upcoming modular form of customizable Smartphones from Google. These modules will provide you the opportunity to build “your own mobile” as per your requirements. These modules can be a Camera, Battery and a Wireless Radio and can have multiple options and functions.

Once launched, Ara will drive down hardware price while allowing you to choose the best module you want. Google is also working on ways for people to buy their modular phones in the future. The company plans to create an online store where people can choose and buy these modules. Hence, you can replace the malfunctioning modules with great ease at the comfort of your own home.

The modular Smartphone will provide a longer life cycle for your handset. It would reduce the amount of e-waste in the environment. The Project Ara hopes to redefine the way Smartphones sold and used. Instead of buying a new phone or replacing it later, you can customize or update your modular smartphone.

Google Inc. plans to launch this modular Smartphone in Puerto Rico, as part of a bold and risky effort by the Internet giant to transform the way of designing, developing and selling mobile devices. Ara will go on the sale in the second half of the year. Finally yet importantly, Google is also planning to update the exiting version of Android operating system to support its modular Smartphones in 2015

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