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Sign of Relief for Bride and Groom, New FinTech App Finja Introduces Digital Salami

Finja, a Pakistani FinTech startup, has finally solved the problem of awkwardly holding salami envelops, now you can pay digital salamis. The traditional way of giving salamis in our wedding events usually makes it uncomfortable for both bride and groom while holding a bunch of envelops in their hands and continuously coordinating with siblings and parents to take care of salamis. All the Married couples in Pakistan know it very well and go through this annoying exercise of handling salamis.  It keeps on diverting their attention from ‘once in a life time event’.

Digitization has certainly come a long way in solving problems not only on a global scale but in our society too. Finja is a pleasant surprise in the form of Digital Salami.

Finja is founded by seasoned veterans of the tech and banking industry with a vision to bring change in Pakistan’s payment solutions. Finja’s Digital Salami is very simple to use, you just have to scan QR code from your mobile and pay from your mobile in no time, therefore no need to take envelopes along on weddings that also saves people from the hassle of looking for envelope and pen at the last minute.

Finja relies on the financial technology model (Fintech) and successfully raised $1 million last year from Stockholm-based Vostok Emerging Finance for a product that they hope will eventually replace cash. Thanks to the 3G/4G surge in Pakistan, as of January 2017 there are now 37.5 million 3G/4G users.

Finja’s team consists of Qasif Shahid and Monis Rehman. Qasif Shahid is co-Founder and CEO and an experienced banker. Monis Rahman is Co-Founder and a board member of Finja, he is also CEO of Naseeb Networks and Pakistan’s famous job portal

Finja has an ambition to launch ground-breaking financial services through interoperable digital ecosystems in order to stimulate behavioral change and increase financial inclusion. They have plans to introduce innovative financial services through the upcoming launch of a mobile wallet product.

The visionaries behind the startup have a vision to overpower current services by concentrating more on price, development and features of the service. Furthermore, there are no service charges or any hidden or additional charges on the transactions for both senders/receivers that pins confidence on the success of this startup.

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