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The moment has finally arrived for us and we are publishing our very first blog on doesn’t started with a “bang”, it took us a lot of time doing strenuous research, assessing our target audience, selecting topics and finally choosing the right medium to execute this blog to induce and inform the audience and provide the valuable information from different corners of Pakistan. is our commitment to value fresh ideas and delivery of firsthand information. We proudly cover latest from telecom, technology, featured events and topics from the vast horizon of social media.

Why we are starting this blog? is not just another technology or news blog that aims entirely on spreading sensational news or grab attention through uneven coverage of trending topics to achieve ranking. In comparison with any other traditional blog, we are putting our special focus on objectivity and clarity of thoughts, rather misleading the reader.

The original, the better

You may have seen dozens of “Copycats” following the footsteps of novice Pakistani bloggers, who simply break telecom or technology news from different sources. stands out from the crowd, as we felt strongly to fill the gap through a different approach without tempering your mind.

Here you can find the exclusive coverage of top-notch news worthy topics related to telecom, technology, social media, mobiles, gadgetry and important events. We will be turning on the fire hose of informative, entertaining and thought provoking posts. So do not miss a single post at!

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