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UK retailer Tesco Comes to Pakistan

Karachi based Alpha Supermarket and Tesco, a famous British grocery store chain has joined hands to enter Pakistan market. Tesco employees over half a million people and has chains in 13 countries while having operations in North America, Europe and South East Asia with plans to expand operations in South Asia. Tesco has operations in China, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

Therefore, Tesco is a name that is not new to the people who travel internationally.

There will be increased trade between our two countries. Pakistan based Limestone showed interest in opening 50 Express Stores with Tesco products all across the country, where flagship stores will based in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Planet N Group of companies facilitated the Tesco’s launch in Pakistan that has plans to distribute the label all over the country through its vast network. Alpha Express Stores plan to have all Tesco products available on their e-commerce platform. Planet N Group is creating an ecosystem for foreign investors to invest in Pakistan and launch of Tesco is a part of their vision, reportedly Tesco has invested $2 million primarily in its Karachi’s store most likely the investments will be twofold in the near future.

The Department of International Trade has worked closely with the teams from Tesco and Limestone to support Tesco private brand’s launch into the Pakistani market.

It is great sign for Pakistan’s economy to observe one of the renowned international brands entry in Pakistan, it reflects the growing consumer market here. Alpha Supermarket have categorized the Tesco products in three groups: Tesco Goodness, Tesco Finest, and Tesco Everyday.

Measured by profits, Tesco is ranked as the third largest retailer internationally and fifth largest retailer in terms of revenues. It is also the second biggest employer after the UK government and is the hyper market chain leader in the UK; their market share is nearly 30 percent.


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