UBL Omni: a Convenient Way for Shopping and Payments

UBL Omni empowers you with a host of banking services to your nearest “Omni Shop”. Now you can shop conveniently and make secure payments on more than 25,000 Omni shops across Pakistan. UBL Omni allows you to make hassle free shopping and payments without carrying cash with you. All you need is a UBL Omni card, Omni SMS, or Omni mobile app to make safe and secure payments with great ease.

Payments through Omni are accepted on all Omni Shops. Moreover, you can use your Omni card on different ATMs. UBL Omni has reshaped the traditional banking model by offering basic banking services across urban and rural areas in Pakistan. Omni Shops are located in more than 650+ cities and towns across Pakistan.

Open Your Omni Account

Customers across Pakistan can open a basic UBL Omni bank account at any UBL Omni Shop of their choice by using their CNIC number and mobile phone number. Your original CNIC and an initial deposit of Rs. 500 will be required to open account.

Your CNIC or mobile phone number will effectively become your bank account number irrespective of which service provider you subscribed.

Once you have opened your Omni account, then you will subsequently be able to deposit and withdraw cash, make utility bill payments, send or receive money, purchase mobile airtime, make postpaid mobile bill payment, pay Zakat & Donation and much more by using diversified array of convenient channels which includes SMS, Mobile App, UBL Net banking or ATM.

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