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SIM Reverification Drive: 1.094 Crore SIMs Reverified, 25 Lac SIMs Blocked So Far

The reverification process for unregistered SIMs is underway and approximately 10.94 Million SIMs have been reverified through biometric system. Meanwhile, 2.48 Millions SIMs blocked or disowned in the current wave of biometric SIM verification, as revealed by Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Dr. Ismail Shah.

Dr. Shah also stated that period of 90 days for SIM re-verification is an unrealistic deadline. Similarly, people have to stand in the long queues for to re-verify their SIMs. Even they can become soft targets for terrorists. The IT Minister for State, Ms. Anusha Rehman also backed his statement while briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee.

In fact, the ongoing SIM reverification campaign will slash the revenue of all cellular companies operating in Pakistan. On the contrary, it will also affect negatively on unsold 3G/4G spectrum.

SIM verification through BVS (biometric system) is part of National Action Plan to stop usage of mobile SIMs in the act of terrorism. Verification of SIMs will help the government and security agencies to curb terrorism across the country.

Cellular companies are striving hard to re-verify their millions of customers, but it seems it will take more time to complete the process. BVS re-verification is an uphill task for mobile operators, PTA, and NADRA as well. The figures, which came out, are unsatisfactory and meeting the deadline is merely possible for all.

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