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PTCL SmartLink: an Amazing App for PTCL Subscribers

PTCL SmartLink app infuses your landline connection’s salient features into your Smartphone. PTCL SmartLink App allows PTCL Broadband users to make and receive landline calls, engage in instant messaging and video calls while using your WiFi connection. (you can also use SmartLink app on 3G)

Apart from this, SmartLink users can also watch Smart TV channels on their Smartphone by using this awesome mobile app. Currently, SmartLink works only on Android mobiles, however, iOS users will also enjoy this app soon. Moreover, PTCL SmartLink is only for those customers who have subscribed to PTCL’s Broadband service.

Other Features:

Are you out of balance?

PTCL SmartLink is the most feasible option, if you are out of balance and want to make a call. With SmartLink, you can use your landline to make the call and your bill will be accommodated with PTCL monthly bill.

150 Channels and Flight Details

Now you are at liberty to watch over 150 channels on your Smartphone (subscription fee applies). PTCL SmartLink empowers you to swap between the best entertainment and news channels. In addition, you can also make flight inquires on your mobile screen.

Call transfer feature

The best thing about PTCL SmartLink app is the “call transfer feature”. As described above, when someone from their mobile or landline calls on your landline connection, the call will be diverted to your app.

The call will be diverted to your app if:

  • Your landline is busy
  • Your landline is not picked up by 7 rings

In addition, several in-call features are also available like:

  • Adding group-call participants
  • Echo cancellation
  • Audio recording, etc.

How to use PTCL SmartLink:

If you want to avail the service, simply download the SmartLink app from Google Play Store. Once downloaded, click ‘Register’ and fill in the basic details in the registration form which requires details about your PTCL landline number, your full name, CNIC, Account ID, email and Cell number.

Once you entered details are verified, the PTCL SmartLink app will be registered and SmartLink service will be activated. You will then be assigned a Smart ID which will act as the primary ID for your SmartLink account for making calls from the app.

After registering with PTCL SmartLink, you will receive a call from PTCL within 24 hours to validate your subscription. You have the option to call them yourself at 1236 and you are all set to make it work.

The PTCL SmartLink app has a tiles-based user interface with a black backdrop. Proper icons and titles have been used for a better user experience. However, in advanced settings, some titles and acronyms might make no sense for non-tech-savvy users.


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