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UCricket: Free SMS Alerts, Live Commentary and Streaming for Cricket Fans

UCricket is the latest offering for all Cricket lovers across Pakistan. Get the latest Cricket updates from the World Cup arenas to your mobile screen, exclusively on Ufone. Ufone is now offering UCricket service to its pre and postpaid customers to enjoy the entire world cup season with IVR commentary, SMS alerts and live streaming of latest cricket matches.

Ufone always give value to its customers, and knows their craze and passion for Cricket World Cup 2015. Hence, it ensures they get a constant dose of live Cricket updates by getting all the latest news of every action during World Cup.

Minute-by-Minute Update

UCricket is an excellent opportunity to stay connected with your favorite game. From the beginning to the peak and to the final rounds, Ufone will take you there with this excellent service. With minute-by-minute coverage of exciting and thrilling events of the Cricket, UCricket will keep you well updated on the move.

All you have to do is simply dial *1# and choose one of the three best option that suits you well. UCricket gives you an access to real-time Cricket events with SMS alerts or Instant Score for the entire month at zero cost. It seems, it is a big plus for cricket enthusiasts.

*You may receive third party advertisement by proceeding with Cricket SMS updates. You can also UNSUB the service by sending message to 6635.

Ufone gives you the choice to listen to “ball-by-ball” IVR commentary of the entire World Cup matches at just Rs. 0.99 + tax per minute. Therefore, if you do not want to have unnecessary ads on your screen, then we recommend you to choose this option. However, 0.99 + tax per minute is a bit expensive.

There is a third option for Cricket lovers. If you are Ufone subscriber, then you can easily download download a free app containing live streams of matches, schedules, and statistics.

So choose the best option of the World Cup from the UCricket menu and enjoy the thrilling events of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Terms and Conditions:

Ufone will not take responsibility for any misinformation communicated through Ufone during the World Cup matches via offered services which include SMS Alerts, Instant Score Pull, Audio Commentary and Video Streaming.

The free SMS and Updates will discontinue after 24 March 2015. The users will pay for these services after the promotion date.

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