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Easypaisa Offers More Convenience with Extended Daily & Monthly Transaction Limits

With increased daily and monthly transnational limits, Easypaisa is now closing in on the monetary limitations offered by their Mobile Account as compared to a conventional bank account, while giving its consumers many additional features not offered by a conventional bank account, such as, opening of an account by simply dialing *345*3737# string from a Telenor number. Non-verified (BVS) subscriber have to visit a Telenor Sales Center, Telenor Franchise or a Tameer Bank Branch for opening of Mobile Account.

The mobile account allow Telenor customers to avail a wide array of services like utility bill payment, money transfer, and many other valuable services from the convenience of a handset.

Telenor Mobile Account, a Substitute to Conventional Banking

Majority of the population in Pakistan still have limited or no access to conventional banking services.  However, Easypaisa Mobile Account is helping and improving access to financial services and transforming peoples’ lives in Pakistan.

Once opened, the mobile account holder can use it any time and anywhere, and at thousands of Easypaisa shops and Tameer Bank Branches in Pakistan for cash deposit and withdrawal through Easypaisa Mobile Account.

Extended Limits, More Convenience

Easypaisa Accounts now offers more freedom in comparison with other similar solutions. With its extended monthly limits, now a (BVS verified) user can transfer upto Rs. 50,000 daily, and 80,000 monthly from their Mobile Account. Up to 15  Cash Deposits and 5 Cash Withdrawal a month can be made for free.

Easypaisa offer different levels of Mobile Account, hence a user is at liberty to choose the best account level as per their requirements.

Account level Limits
Level 0 50,000 for Day
80,000 for Month
800,000 for Year
Level 1 25,000 for day
60,000 for a month
  500,000 for a year
Level 2 (basic) Daily Limit: 50,000
Monthly Limit: 100,000
Yearly Limit: 600,000
Level-2 A Daily Limit: 100,000
Monthly Limit: 200,000
Yearly Limit: 1,200,000
Level-2 B Daily Limit: 250,000
Monthly Limit: 500,000
Yearly Limit: 3,000,000
Level-2 C Daily Limit: 500,000
Monthly Limit: 1,000,000
Yearly Limit: 6,000,000

Easypaisa has staged a true “revolution” in access to finance and payment procedure without the complexities of a conventional bank account.  With Easypaisa Mobile Account, subscribers can open accounts, check their balances, pay their bills, transfer money and cater for their daily needs efficiently and easily from any place at any time.

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