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PTA Regularization will bring Transparency in Telecom Tariff and Packages

PTA is all set to regularize telecom tariff plans and service charges to avoid ambiguity and confusion.  Once implemented, the mobile and broadband customers in Pakistan will enjoy clarity on tariff and package details from all operators in Pakistan.

PTA is gearing up to regularize operators to provide fair and comprehensive details to customers under “Telecommunication Service Retail Tariff Regulations 2015”.

These regulations will be applicable to all licensees (all cellular and broadband services operating in Pakistan) after legislation. PTA is already striving hard to make sure that all mobile tariffs and services remain in line with customer’s understanding and affordability. Once implemented, millions of users will enjoy transparent tariff details on all mobile/broadband services.

PTA’s regulation is aimed to ensure that telecom operators clearly communicate discounts, validity of promotions, end dates and allowed quote for voice and data in a particular promotion. Once implemented successfully, Telecom Service Retail Tariff Regulation will benefit a consumer in following ways.

Transparency in Tariffs

All cellular and broadband services will be liable to ensure that all information is complete, clear and simple to understand. Tariff information will be shared in clear formats in advertisements, publications and company websites. Moreover, companies will be bound to disclose complete information and no part of the advertisement will be presented in “micro format”.

Free/Unlimited Packages

Operators will not describe a package being “unlimited or free” if there is a limit or specific charges on calls, minutes or data, etc.

Affordable Tariff

PTA can intervene to amend or suspend the tariff, if it becomes unaffordable for consumers.

Price Setup

PTA can set a price for basic services in accordance with the market situation.

Helpline/Complaint Services

All operators will provide free access to dedicated complaint services and helplines. Moreover, cellular companies will also provide free access to emergency services.

Value Added Services

All operators will inform their consumers at least seven days in advance, if they intend to revise or revoke their value added services.

Terms and Conditions

All companies will clearly advertise and publish all terms and conditions relating to limited-time Tariff promotions including eligibility, start/end dates, validity, usage, and any other relevant information.

Misleading Statements

Operators will avid publishing or advertising misleading statements.

Automatic Renewals  

Operators will not activate “automatic package renewal” without contacting the consumer.

Trial Periods

Operators will not charge consumers for services in a trial period.


This draft will become a regulation in a few months. This regulation (if implemented properly) will change the current scenario and empower consumers to have a better access to cellular/broadband services at affordable tariff and service packages.

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