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Are You Drinking Impure and Unhygienic Milk?

Our country is the fourth largest milk-producing country in the world and Asia’s second largest after neighboring India. In Pakistan, Punjab and Sindh are the mighty contributors in production where milk is procured from a vast number of cows/buffaloes in villages and dairy farms (established particularly for milk production).

Milk is then supplied to different small outlets in cities, or multinational milk processing companies collect it from local farmers/dairy farms.

Unfortunately, the milk, which is collected from different sources, is not healthy (in most cases) when it is made available to the consumers. There are different impurities and chemicals added (by local milkmen and different milk processing companies) to milk and some of these substances listed below:

  • In order to draw more and immediate milk from buffaloes and cows, farmers/dairy farm owners and multinational milk processing companies use oxytocin injections, which is a human female hormone. Somehow, the totally ignore that milk containing such hormone is extremely hazardous for human health.
  • Using oxytocin-contained milk runs many risks that includes developing female characteristics, loss of hair and shrilled voice in children.
  • Chemicals like caustic soda are also added to make it thicker and creamier.
  • Refined oil or cooking oil is also added to increase shelf life of milk. (Fresh milk cannot live longer, if not treated/processed within two hours).
  • Detergents and soaps are also used to remove the traces of hazardous chemicals.
  • Many local and multinational milk producers use adulterations such as hydrogen peroxide, salicylic acid and benzoic acid as preservatives that is entirely illegal and dangerous for human health. Whey protein and dried milk powder is also used for increasing its quantity and thickness

Drinking substandard milk or consuming byproduct made out of it containing such hazardous chemicals can expose your life to a serious threat, instead of nourishing and providing necessary aid.

So can you afford to drink a glass of a lethal poison? If not then make sure you buy milk only from a reliable source and a trusted supplier. Your health is precious and no one else can take responsibility of your well-being.

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