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Senate Website HACKED – ‘State’ of our Cyber Security


The recent breach (Hack) of Top Government Website* ( speaks of the vulnerability of our IT infrastructure security implementation and lack of our preparedness to fight the next generation war i.e. Cyber War.

While many countries either have mechanisms in place to counter such attacks or are working fast towards them; we are only in the process of legislating a law (Cyber Law) let alone developing processes, infrastructure and enforcing them.

Although, the response to the Hack was quick as the website was partially restored as we write this (Within 12 hrs of the hack), but the impression made by the Hackers is lasting and probably well conveyed to the concerned.

While the government is fast moving towards Internet realization, To avoid such embarrassment, we need to have task forces at the highest level to protect our national image which is accessible to the global audience at all times.


Last Updated On 13 April,2015 About 1 hour ago Hackers have uploaded anti-West material on the Senate\’s website after hacking it ISLAMABAD: (Local TV) – Tunisian hackers have on Monday hacked Pakistan Senate’s website, reported Local TV. The website has been hacked by a group from Tunisia named as Flaga Team and have uploaded anti-West material on the website.




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