Q Mobile: The Conqueror of Pakistani Mobile Market


Q Mobile came into being just a few years back and now has taken over the major share of the local mobile market. The company started with selling low level/basic mobile phones and later enters the Smartphone arena. Now with the help of Q Mobile, Pakistanis are shifting from ordinary devices to sophisticated Smartphones. 

An Affordable Option  

Q Mobile price in Pakistan is more than reasonable. More than 60% of existing mobile users in Pakistan prefer Q Mobile to any other local and international brand, mainly because of the fact that Q Mobile produces affordable mobile phones and better customer service.

The cheapest of Q Mobile will cost as low as 2,500 PKR that is equivalent to 25 dollars. Even, if you are choosing expensive mobiles from Q family, they do not cost more than Samsung, LG, Sony or iPhone. In simple words, Q Mobile is for “mango people”. Anyone can afford to buy Q Mobile without worrying about the quality and warranty of the product.

Noir Series, a Milestone

Q Mobile boosted its sales with the launch of its famous Noir Series. The record-breaking sale of Q Noir was the actual breakthrough for Q Mobile in the local market. Since then, Noir series have gained immense attention from Pakistanis. The launch of Noir Series has changed the entire persona of the company and its ordinary perception in the masses. No doubt, Q Mobile cannot beat the world famous iPhone. However, Noir has grabbed a big share from the local mobile market.

A Heavy Market Campaign

Q Mobile has built a brand name with the help of successful marketing campaigns for mobile phones. Truly, it is a success story, especially in terms of branding the image of the company among millions of Pakistani mobile users. Its advertising and PR budget is higher than any other market leader.

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