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PakWheels Users Information Compromised

A security breach is revealed by to its users through an email (See snapshot below) notifying them of the vulnerability and some justifications. The little information made available in the email puts the blame on the Discussion Forum Software (vBulletin) used by PakWheels.

The Email also underlays a counter-plan which directs Account owners to reset their passwords through the link given in the email. Users who login directly on are also notified to change their password.

PakWheels is Pakistan’s largest and authoritative name when it comes to automotive, and have the largest user base where users can buy & sell, get reviews, participate in discussion forums and share their opinions/problems.

Such Security Breaches are becoming a common phenomenon in the rapidly expanding online market place in Pakistan. A similar breach was reported by not very long ago. As a leader in the industry we expect PakWheels to learn from such experiences and take good care of its users information  and their security very seriously by applying all the necessary measures so that this should not have happened and should not happen again in the future.

The extent of the breach is not disclosed by PakWheels. According to web experts we talk with suggested that such security breaches usually compromise all user’s information on a platform, and the same is supported by the language used in the email sent by PakWheels team.

Snapshot of email sent by PakWheels Team:




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