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PTA Given Mandate to Monitor Content on Internet

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif designated the charge of Internet Content Monitoring to PTA with the mandate to set up an effective mechanism to monitor and control the content.

This decision came out after the recommendations of The Ministry of Information Technology. MoIT had forwarded a summary to PM for termination of the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC was responsible for identifying hateful and questionable content on the web).

Pakistan requires an effective content monitoring and filtering mechanism on the Internet to control the unwanted and objectionable content.  PTA already holds the authority to block any unwanted websites and videos favoring terrorists, anti-state elements and content related to religious hate on the Internet.

PM has asked PTA to devise an effective mechanism to monitor and control the objectionable content. On the contrary, PTA will also adequately strengthen its web monitoring cell to ensure the effectiveness of the content management system.



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