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Every Day is a Black Day in Occupied Kashmir

The nation is celebrating 5th February as a day of solidarity to show Pakistan’s support and unity with the people of Indian-Occupied Kashmir, their ongoing freedom struggle and to pay homage to innocent Kashmiri martyrs who had lost their precious lives fighting for their right of self-determination and Kashmir’s freedom from India.

Pakistan started observing Kashmir Solidarity Day in 1990 for the first time on request of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who was the opposition leader and chief minister of Punjab. Mr. Sharif appealed for a nationwide strike to protest against the illegal Indian Occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Now people organize rallies, conferences and seminars to support the Kashmiri freedom movement.

Origin and evolution of the Kashmir conflict:

  • The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is deep rooted in the past of both countries. In 1947, the British decided to leave subcontinent but first chose to divide it into two states depending on the demographics. However, the decision was problematic with the province of Kashmir.
  • In this context of uncertainty and confusion, Maharaja Hari Singh who was ruling the state received military aid from India in exchange for agreeing to integrate the province into the Indian Union.
  • Singh promised a plebiscite but betrayed his people. With the arrival of Indian troops in April 1948, war broke that ended on January 1, 1949 with the intervention of the United Nations and the imposition of LOC (line of control). United Nations urged India for a referendum for self-determination (which India refused thereafter).
  • In 1965, the Kashmir issue again leads the two States to fight a war that India lost.
  • India claims all of Kashmir. Until now, suspecting perhaps the “loyalty” of Kashmiris in the place of the Indian Union, she refused to organize the self-determination referendum advocated by the UN. Since 1989, Jammu and Kashmir has seen the awakening of freedom fighting movements
  • India accuses Pakistan of waging a “proxy war” in Occupied Kashmir and encourages freedom fighters. However, the entire world has seen he savageness of India in the occupied territory. Approximately, one million army including border security forces of India has tortured, raped and killed millions of innocent Kashmiris.
  • Gradually, Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint in the region. Besides clashes that regularly oppose the two armies, they have fought again in 1999 that made tens of thousands of deaths on both sides.

Pakistan and Kashmiri Brethren

Pakistan supported the Kashmir cause on every platform. We fought wars, sacrificed East Pakistan and now facing Indian infiltration in Baluchistan. Still, our heart beats for them. Pakistan has tried everything to promote the decrease in tension to avoid open war with the nuclear risk involved.

Pakistan always supported the mediation attempts and peace process. It has been more than 67 years and despite Indian atrocities, Kashmiris have not given up their struggle. Our deepest concern is to see them Independent with their decisions.

“Azadi, (Freedom) is the only thing the Kashmiris want. Denial is Delusion”


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