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The Fastest Way to PTCL Complaint Resolution


  • Keep good terms with your local line man. Each line man is assigned to a designated area and they don’t get replaced frequently. So, keeping their phone number (which you can get on request if ever they pay you a visit or vice versa) close, comes very handy at time.
  • If you want to resolve the problem in the least of time, the best thing is to register complaint via all possible mediums provided i.e. Phone helpline, SMS and Website.
  • If you want to avoid the hassle of registering complaint multiple times (as suggested above), complaints registered through the website seems to resolve the problem efficiently as compared to other mediums.
  • It is worth a shot to Google for a fix before contacting customer helpline, especially if its related to Broadband, IPTV or even wireless connectivity,  provided you can do some technical bits.

If your service problem is still not resolved by the service provider despite your best efforts and to your satisfaction, you can always approach PTA @ complaint@pta.gov.pk and the regulatory authority takes care of it for you.

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