Apple MacBook 12 Inch is Ultra Thin with Full Size Keyboard


Apple has unveiled the MacBook 12-inch Retina, which is barely kilo weight. And so it proved, Apple just introduced its new Netbook, and decided to simply call ‘MacBook‘ rather Retina MacBook Air, or anything else.

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, Philip Schiller stated:

With only 900 grams and 13.1 mm, it is the thinnest and lightest Mac so far

He added further:

Each component of MacBook reveals a new innovation. Since its fanless design, the ultra Retina screen and full keyboard that is 34 percent thinner until his novel Force Touch trackpad, the versatile USB-C port and the revolutionary stepped design of the battery, the new MacBook is the future of laptops.


Today we know that the new MacBook Retina, besides presenting the resolution of Apple so famous that names the device includes a redesigned front of what we already knew from the Macbook 11 and 13 inches.

These design changes are mainly weight and thickness. The total weight of the new MacBook stays at 907 grams, while its thickness at the widest part reaches 13.1 mm with a mechanical keyboard (another first) that reaches the edge of the MacBook and speakers on the same keyboard.


With 12” Retina display, its resolution is 2.304×1.440 pixels. Since Apple promises savings of 30% battery with this display, without sacrificing the display brightness.

Regarding the trackpad, Apple has surprised all and sundry giving a juicy farewell to “Click”. With next to a small vibration motor, trackpad new 12-inch MacBook Retina pressure sensor at different levels will function as a touch panel.

The accurate touch trackpad brings a new dimension of interactivity. It provides a haptic response that provides a uniform touch and great sensitivity. You can even customize the touch trackpad modifying the pressure required to register each click.

Apple has reduced some components and both fans are gone now. See if too much is not heated.

The guts of this MacBook hide a CPU Intel Core M to 1.1 GHz with Intel HD 5300 graphics, 8GB of RAM, and storage options of 256 GB or 512 GB SSD.

With respect to the battery is not too far from the previous equipment which is up to 9 hours of surfing the Internet, and 10 hours for video playback.

A negative we found in this new Retina MacBook 12 inch is the presence of a single connector (minijack connector plus): USB Type C. It is a reversible connector functions as USB, HDMI, charger, Display Port … all in one port. This causes if you need to use a USB charging while these portable … you cannot.

The new MacBook will be available starting April 10th 2015 and with some plus and minus, every component of the MacBook reveals a new innovation and better computing.


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