Windows 10 will Safely Move Away the Failures of Previous Version


With major improvements, Windows 10 will look more like Windows 7 than Windows 8 for desktop users. Windows 10 will have a traditional start menu with some old and new applications running in the background.

Microsoft will provide a free upgrade for the first year. All existing Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users can upgrade to the latest version of Windows at zero cost.  Later, Windows 10 will keep you updated, but it is unclear how much these updates will cost you.

Technically, Windows 8 users will miss some of their most liked features, but the latest version will have many new exciting features.


Microsoft has shifted its intelligent personal assistant from Phone to Desktop. Cortana will help you answer questions about weather, finance and take down notes.

Charms Bar:

Microsoft converted its previous Charms Bar into Windows phone-style notification bar with expendable feature and quick settings. You can select from its limited options to give it a more customized look.


Continuum is a tablet mode that will help you to switch all your windows to full screen. It will provide a simple way to handle a tablet interface.  Continuum will adjust user interface elements depending on how you are using your device. (If you lay a finger to your touchscreen or remove the keyboard, Windows 10 will switch to tablet mode. Similarly, when you swap back to the keyboard, Windows 10 will swap back to the desktop mode.

Project Spartan: (the Internet explorer project)

Project Spartan is a new, clean and lightweight explorer for Windows. Microsoft has officially announced Project Spartan will replace its conventional Internet Explorer in Windows 10. The new web browser will feature offline reading, built in support for PDF files and reformation of web content for easy reading. The browser of Windows 10 will hit the PC, later arrives on Windows phone devices.

Windows Holographic

Windows Holographic is another unexpected hardware announcement from Microsoft. It will provide an augmented reality experience that involves a headset (HoloLens). It will be available under an economic price tags for both, enterprise and consumer use. It will be the most advanced holographic computer, including a CPU, a GPU and a unique holographic processor.

Windows 10 for phones and universal apps

Windows 10 for phones will act like an extension to your PC. Windows 10 phones will include a free copy of Microsoft Word.


Windows 10 will be the most popular release from Microsoft, but there are some technical issues to resolve. According the Microsoft sources, the operating system is still in process and will hit the market in October 2015.

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