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Google Launched a YouTube App for Kids


Google has launched a child-friendly version of YouTube app called “YouTube Kids” which is available in Google Play now. Google indicates that in the first instance only available for Android devices.

YouTube Kids offers original episodes of television programs for children and youth. Inevitable in this, this app also includes educational content. In addition, the app has a timer that parents can program to determine the time of use.

The head of this development Shimrit Ben-Yair explained that the content registered in the family entertainment exhibits a “brutal increase” year to year, with an annual growth rate of 200 percent. YouTube Kids Android App occurred in response to requests from many parents in view of the increasing use of the devices by children and, especially, whereas in classic website content that may be inappropriate for them.

It is important to mention that Google engineers worked together with children to shape the platform interface.

The application includes programs for children as “Yo Gabba Gabba” and “Sesame Street” among others, and a radio icon directs videos of songs that may be suitable for young audiences.

A Big Step for Safe Viewing

Google launched YouTube app exclusively for children with the aim of reproducing only video for their age and have more simple design. This new tool for children is available in the US starting on February 23 only on Android devices; they made known means of the neighboring country.

YouTube Kids will be simple that even children who cannot read can navigate between videos. Note that the application can only play videos, so kids cannot upload, share or comment on the content. The app will be Android-only for now and an iOS version will be launched later.

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