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Modern Marketing Trends in Pakistan

Modern marketing techniques are playing an important part in boosting businesses in Pakistan. The never-ending advancement of IT has brought huge changes to the way businesses do advertising and marketing toady. The rapid evolution of digital media has created new opportunities and avenues for advertising and marketing. Fueled by the explosion of devices to access digital media, this has led to the exponential growth of new techniques, “digital advertising” being one of them. It has become even more difficult to convince people as today they have lot more options to pick from. That is why, companies today find it quite challenging to position their products and services in the market.

Social Media Marketing is the most famous and easy way of digital marketing, which is very common in Pakistan. This trend is going viral as adopted by international brands. Pakistan is now taking a huge part in developing marketing standards on social media. All international and top going social websites and covered and now new social sites are developed working within Pakistan.

Digital marketing is often referred as ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’ or ‘web marketing’. Digital marketing is different from the traditional marketing strategies as it involves a use of channels and methods that enables an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what methods are working and what are not typically in real time.

Communication in the business environment has metamorphosed in many ways. It is no longer enough to derive strategies to reach out to people in the limited spectrum of consumers, stakeholders, associates and employees through a traditional mode of communication.

Today, brand communication is all about individually connecting with people and retaining that connection where digital marketing has become the main assistance. Digital media is an ever growing source of news, shopping, social interaction and entertainment and now consumers are even more exposed not just what your company says about its product but what friends, media, peers, and relatives are saying as well. People want to have the brand they can trust or can relate to.


Pakistani companies are also adopting different digital marketing techniques to enhance their brand’s awareness.  Typically there are many digital marketing tools which are used to gain an interest of customers and to exhibit products to people around the world. These tools consist of:

>>> Email Marketing (Advertising, Newsletter, and Promotion)

>>> Pay per click (PPC) Marketing

>>> SEO Link Building (Content & Keywords, Accessibility, Technical, and Compliance)

>>> Social Media Marketing (Content & Keywords, Accessibility, and Technical Compliance)

>>> Online Presence (Website, Forums, Blogs/News portals and Online Advertisements)

Among all these tools, Social Media Marketing is the most famous and easiest way of digital marketing, which is very common in Pakistan as well.

Another common method of digital marketing is Email, which is one of the quickest and most cost-effective way to promote your business, to stay back in touch, to generate inquiries and drive sales.

To be successful, an email campaign needs planning, realistic goals, timing and a secure platform to support it. Unfortunately, Email marketing is not a common practice in Pakistan but in foreign countries like U.S., Canada, Russia it is an influential marketing strategy used by multinational companies.

Marketing through cellphones’ SMS became increasingly popular in the early 200s in Europe and some parts of Asia now this trend is also gaining popularity in Pakistan

Marketing through cellphones’ SMS (Short Message Service) became increasingly popular in the early 200s in Europe and some parts of Asia when businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send content. On average, SMS messages are read within four minutes, making them highly convertible. This trend is also gaining popularity in Pakistan, Political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has used maximum benefit from its nationwide SMS campaign.

Despite the fact that the internet is now increasingly available all around us via 3G/4G Services, Wireless Broadband, DSL, etc Pakistan is still lacking the level of digital inclusion that was expected.  Although Pakistani marketers have realized the true potential of digital marketing but they can only reap the benefits when people will react to digital marketing trends. They need to go an extra mile to get a firm grip in this new hyper-fragmented world and attract unaware Pakistani consumers.

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