Future telling app helping refugees

google fortune telling website

A site that takes on the appearance of a Google effort at fortune-telling has risen on the web. Regardless of not assisting anybody with taking in their future, it has served to help individuals to remember the Middle’s predicament East’s outsiders and refugees.

The ploy by a Dutch PR organization lives up to expectations in the accompanying way: the user goes to, which resembles a duplicate of Google’s new home page, with the words ‘fortune-telling’ beneath the logo. The site then requests that the client sort in a question, before clicking ‘predict my future.’

As naive users then start testing the ‘internet searcher’, it starts giving out data all alone: the

User sorts in the initial few letters of the words ‘where’, before inquiries start to be filled in naturally, for example, ‘will I be brought together with my family’, or ‘is there a spot where they will acknowledge me’.


 The site parodies the regular client’s first-world issues and immediately flashes this message: “obviously we can’t foresee you’re future! Yet, 60 million exiles inquire as to whether they have a future by any stretch of the imagination.”

 The site likewise gives connections to UNHCR – the UN’s displaced person office, and offers extra data on the most proficient method to assist with endeavors to manage Europe’s present migrants and refugee emergency.

“We are exceptionally upbeat that individuals think about this issue and are sharing it and making mindfulness around the globe,” Jort Boot, the proprietor of BrainMedia, the organization behind the site, told Digiday.

Individuals had at first thought Google was behind the trick. The multi-billion-dollar organization doesn’t normally modest far from such tricks, however the tech monster has been setting up its own battles and raising trusts for the emergency exertion.

The entire thought of ‘Google fortune-telling’ was to trick introductory guests into discovering the site, and afterward to energize them, under similarly false falsifications, to share it.

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