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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6: The Tough Contenders


The Galaxy S6, presented at Mobile World Congress 2015, represents a quantum leap in terms of design for Samsung. Are these improvements enough to beat its nearest competitors? We try to answer some elements the Korean confrontation with the Apple  iPhone 6.

IPhone vs. Galaxy S6 6 – Design

Finally, the plastic has gone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 is passed to a combination of metal and glass, dramatically improving its outer appearance and using premium materials in its construction. Its appearance has improved with respect to Galaxy S5, without style “strip” backs.

On the other side, the iPhone 6 is well known for its aluminum, rounded to the extreme edges, and fingerprint scanner on the start button on the device, like the S6, although based on different technologies. On the iPhone, buttons are on the right side and the volume in the left, next to a two-position button to activate its silent mode.

Speaking of the buttons on the Galaxy S6, you can see them on the same place (button on the right side and the volume on the left). However, the capacitive buttons will not disappear, and the back button and multitasking will touch flanking the Home button. The novelty is the incursion of a slot for micro SD cards on one side, and cannot remove the cover as above.

Both use metal and glass part, so who wins here??

However we rear glass like Galaxy S6 than aluminum iPhone 6. It gives a touch of Nexus 4 (but without disco ball) that until now had not recovered any Smartphone.

The world famous iPhone has always been its design as a logo, and used it to attack Samsung and materials. This could change, we believe the Galaxy S6 is a turning point in which for the first time both designs are at least on balance.


At this point, we can say that Samsung does its better than Apple with its Super AMOLED QHD panel 5.1-inche 2560 x 1440 pixels. The iPhone 6 runs away with its retina display of 4.7 inches with resolution 1334 x 750 and 5.5 in the plus version with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels.  The iPhone offers 326 dots per inch, while the Galaxy S6 reaches 556.


We are talking about opposites, iOS vs. Android.

iOS is at version 8.1, while the S6 will come equipped with Lollipop. Both have their admirers and detractors, even at the level of interface design.

TouchWiz has been greatly improved, because Samsung has eased much your customization layer and removed large amount of bloatware that caused delays and jerks when using their latest handsets. Therefore, this section is more a matter of taste. However Thank Samsung has gotten rid of all unnecessary software carrying the Galaxy S5, for the sake of simplicity.


The Galaxy S6 is a real beast. The processor is manufactured by Samsung, with 64bit technology and 3 GB of RAM. The iPhone 6 brings a poorer hardware, but its perfect optimization between hardware and software makes it a very tough competitor in terms of performance and overall fluency. A bloody fight in this sense is coming.


Galaxy S6 is equipped with 2550 mAh, nearing the end of the day smoothly and with available wireless charging, something the phone Apple nor can dream of.

This is a feature in which the iPhone’s suffering traditionally. With 1,810 mAh, Habrá many days you will not get through the day with live Smartphone.


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